How the Awards System Works:

The teaching awards process for 2018 contains three essential elements:

First, at the end of each Semester a formal acknowledgement of excellence in teaching as suggested by performance in the USS aligned with KPI goals will be issued to colleagues achieving excellent overall satisfaction scores for their Unit of Study. This acknowledgement will take the form of a letter of congratulation from the Dean.

Second, the Dean will confer Faculty Teaching Awards. There are two categories. All levels of teaching from undergraduate to post-graduate are within the scope of these awards and all employment pathways are included (Full time, Part-Time, Teaching Focused, or Scholarly Teaching). However one award will be dedicated to outstanding performance in junior (1000) level teaching and one award is also dedicated to outstanding performance in postgraduate teaching.

The Faculty Teaching Excellence award for early career staff in first 5 years of employment is valued at $500.

The Faculty Teaching Excellence award for staff employed for 5 years and longer is valued at $1000.

The difference in the two award categories is based on the expectation is that experienced staff will be able to provide evidence of sustained teaching development aligned with faculty strategic priorities.

Third, the Dean will confer Faculty Tutoring Awards to the value of a $250 book voucher each to acknowledge excellence in tutoring.

Faculty Teaching Awards


Nomination for the Faculty Teaching Awards is open to all full-time and part-time academics in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Also, staff responsible for the design, delivery and/or implementation of the unit of study can apply. Therefore, this will include staff employed on a continual basis who take on, for example, the role of Unit Coordinator. No member of the FASS Education Committee may apply. The Faculty Tutoring Awards are open to all tutors employed by a School at the time of their nomination.

The method of candidacy for a Faculty Teaching Award will be by peer nomination. A candidate may be proposed by any colleague – be they contract or permanent academic staff - and supported in that nomination by up to three other proposers. Students may support a nomination but no more than one proposer can be from the student body). The nomination format will comprise of a short statement from a principal proposer - with support from up to 3 other colleagues. The T&L secretariat will review nominations for eligibility.

Once deemed eligible, a formal acknowledgement of the nomination will be made to the nominee by the Associate Dean (Education) to respect their achievement and to inform them of the support of their peers. These nominees will then be asked to consider applying for the Faculty Teaching Award and, if willing, be asked to provide a short statement typically of not more than two pages. The focus should be upon how teaching impacts on student learning. Areas to address could include unit design, approaches to lecturing, provision of feedback, forms of assessment, promotion of independent learning, fostering engagement, and the wider student experience. Evidence of teaching focus claimed should be provided by artefacts uploaded with the statement. These artefacts will be used to inform peer support for teaching excellence.

An awards panel will then assess these statements, supplemented by other evidence of teaching excellence such as USS data, HoD/CoD letters of support and available student commendations. This panel will be chaired by the Associate Dean (Education), Alyson Simpson, and will have at least one former winner of a Faculty award as a member.

The awards panel will make the awards taking into account the excellence of the nominee in a range of areas, including, inter alia:

  • Ability to promote curiosity and to stimulate independent learning and the development of critical thought.
  • Ability to organize course material and present it cogently and imaginatively.
    Innovation in the design and delivery of units.
  • Evidence of effective and sympathetic guidance and advising of students.
  • Provision of appropriate assessment with worthwhile feedback to students on their learning.
  • Ability to help students from equity groups participate and achieve success in their course.
  • A professional and systematic approach to teaching development.
  • Participation in professional activities and research in relation to teaching.
  • Demonstrated awareness of how teaching fits into wider school and faculty strategic priorities.


Nomination of Tutors

Candidates for the tutoring award will make a submission via the attached template, which follows the same process adopted in previous years. Candidates should also discuss their application with their respective Chairs of Department (or equivalent), who will co-sign the submission and provide a short statement of support – or not – for the submission. The awards panel will assess the nominated tutors in line with the criteria for Faculty Teaching Awards, appropriately adjusted for the candidate’s teaching context relevant to opportunity.


 Action required Important Dates

Template / application form

 Submit to:  Feedback
We invite colleagues to nominate their peers by Monday, 13 August 2018

Peer Nomination template

Nominations are to be sent to

Tanya Doulaveras

All nominees will then receive formal notice of their nomination for an award by August.

Those nominees who decide to submit their Teaching Award statement of reflection (no more than 2 pages) Friday, 14 September 2018      
Tutors are also invited to submit their application for an award by Friday, 14 September 2018

Application Form


Applications are to be sent to
The first cohort of award winners will be formally recognized at the Faculty ceremony