Mrs Nicole Hart

Lecturer-Teaching Focused (K-12 PDHPE and Professional Practice)

A35 - Education Building
The University of Sydney

Telephone +61 2 9351 7719

Website Contact details

Teaching and supervision

EDHP1001 - Physical Education 1

EDHP2002 - Professional Practice for HPE 1

EDHP3002 - Professional Practice for HPE 2

EDUH4004 - Professional Practice in PDHPE 4 (Human Movement and Health Education)

EDUH4057 - Administration of PDHPE and Sport (Human Movement and Health Education)

EDUH4006 - PDHPE: Internship (Human Movement and Health Education)

EDUP3001 - PDHPE 2: Active Healthy Primary Schools (Primary)

EDUP3034 - PDHPE 3: The Health Promoting School (Primary)

EDMT6636 - HPE Curriculum and Assessment Studies (Master of Teaching)

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