Selected research support initiaitves

The Kerkyasharian and Kayikian Fund

This endowed research and scholarships fund in Armenian studies has been made possible through the generous support of Mr Stepan Kerkyasharian AO and Mrs Hilda Kerkyasharian. The Kerkyasharian and Kayikian Fund supports awards, grants and scholarships for honours students, postgraduate students and academic staff at the University of Sydney carrying out research related to Armenian history and culture, from the 19th century and earlier. ‘Armenian Studies’ refers to studies of any aspect of the Armenian nation and of Armenian individuals, whether occurring in Armenia or anywhere in the world, including, but not limited to: archaeology; architecture; art history; classics and ancient history; history, including military history; language and culture; linguistics; literature; medieval studies; music; peoples; philosophy; and religion.

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List of Research Awards

Mr Simon Burke (research student, School of Language and Cultures): Project title (provisional) – ‘Syriac Orthodox Testimonies of Late 19th Century Massacres of Armenians’ - $5,000 award
Mr Ravi Shankar (research student, School of Literature, Art and Media): Project title – ‘Rare and sophisticated poetic forms that flourished between the 14th and 18th centuries’ - $5,000 award

Dr Jan Shaw (academic, Department of English): Project title - ‘West meets east meets west in Middle English romance: English interpretations of the French in Cilician Armenia’ - $5,000 award
Professor Iain Gardner (academic, Department of Studies in Religion): Project title - ‘Mani, Manichaeism and Sasanian Armenia (Third Century C.E.)’ - $5,000 award

The Nicholas Anthony Aroney Research Fund

Established in 2014 from the Estate of Nicholas Anthony and in his memory, the purpose of the Research Fund is to supply financial awards which support academic staff and/ or post-graduate research students to undertake scholarly research which provides and/or promotes learning and education in Greek language, culture or history, whether in Greece or Australia.

The 2017-2018 round of the Nicholas Anthony Aroney Research Fund has been awarded to a diverse group of researchers who all strive to encourage Greek studies. Their details and projects are listed below.

Professor Peter Anstey and Ms Laura Kotevska, Department of Philosophy:
“Euclid’s Elements In The Early Modern Era”.

Mr Tristan Burt, Department of Department of Classics and Ancient History:
“The Genealogy of Plato’s ΠΟΛΙΤΕΙΑ”.

Mr Manuel Condoleon from the Sydney School of Education and Social Work:
“Modern Greek language teaching within the International Baccalaureate framework”.

Dr Laura Ginters, Department of Department of Theatre and Performance Studies:
"Let me come to Athens, shelter me, accept me in your home": The Reception of Classical Greek Drama in Australian in the Long 19th Century”.

Associate Professor Julia Kindt from Department of Classics and Ancient History, has received support for the conference Local Horizons of Ancient Greek Religion.

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Australasian Pioneers’ Club International Fellowship for Early Career Researchers

The Australasian Pioneers’ Club International Fellowship supports international travel to and attendance at universities and centres of education, institutions, conferences, archives and other facilities that are relevant to the academic’s research, in one or more countries within Asia.

Fellowship holders:
2016: Miranda Johnson
2014: Sophie Loy-Wilson