Professor Colm Harmon

Our Researchers

“Education is the great policy ‘superpower’ on a range of fronts, and is rare amongst policy choices in promoting equity for individuals and generating returns for society more generally.”

Professor Sheila Fitzpatrick

Our Researchers

“It was incredible to go there [Soviet Union] as a postgraduate student in the late 1960s, when access to that society was still very difficult.”

Associate Professor Liam Semler

Our Researchers

“The thing that preoccupies me is systems of learning in opposition to creativity. What [high school] students think learning is isn’t what we [university academics] think learning is.”

Dr Minglu Chen

Our Researchers

“Whenever I tell people about the term ‘Tiger Girls’ in China, people just laugh! Female Tiger Girls, or tigresses, refer to a very powerful female character.”

Associate Professor Michele Ford

Our Researchers

“Asia, especially Southeast Asia, offers an opportunity for Australian graduates to really give something back. They can really put in practice all the values we try to impart to students.”

VC's Excellence Award winners announced

Congratulations to the following Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences staff recognised in the inaugural Vice-Chancellor’s Awards

for Excellence:

  • Ruth Graham - Outstanding Contribution to Research Excellence
  • Ainslie Bulmer - Outstanding Contribution to Educational Excellence
  • Associate Professor Ben Goldsmith (Research adviser) - Outstanding Mentoring and Leadership
  • Associate Professor Julia Horne (Research adviser) - Outstanding Mentoring and Leadership
  • Associate Professor Lee Wallace (Research adviser) - Outstanding Mentoring and Leadership
  • Professor Peter Wilson (Research adviser) - Outstanding Mentoring and Leadership
  • Dr Avril Alba - Outstanding Early Career Research (an award for academic staff)
  • Dr Frances Di Lauro - Outstanding Teaching