University of Sydney – Years 3 and 4


Quadrangle, the University of Sydney

Years three and four of the dual degree program will commence in semester two of the University of Sydney calendar, typically beginning in the last week of July.

You apply for either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Economics at the point of application and once accepted will be admitted to the University of Sydney under the administration of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Unlike year one and two at Sciences Po, you will find that you will begin to follow very different programs of study at the University of Sydney as you must adhere to the requirements of your chosen degree.

The Sydney Bachelor of Arts

Both rigorous and rewarding, the Bachelor of Arts is well renowned as the go-to program for those wanting to challenge assumptions, discover new cultures, or scratch beneath the surface of our own society to encounter fresh ideas. At the completion of this degree you will be well suited to meet the challenges of the modern 21st-century workplace, where specialisation, creativity, logic and critical argument come to the fore. Offering myriad choices across more than 45 subject areas, very few ‘Arts degrees’ are quite the same. You will be encouraged to tailor your studies to suit your interests, with the chance to incorporate up to two majors in your degree.

With hundreds of course combinations on offer there is no single formula for the degree: you can make it whatever you want it to be. Whether you wish to learn a language, study the great works of literature or uncover archaeological remains, our courses will stretch and challenge you to think differently.

No other university can offer the same breadth or depth of inquiry in their subjects as those offered in our degree. Greater concentration and specialisation enables our students to study at the highest standard. A Bachelor of Arts degree will hone your critical thinking skills to help you become an independent thinker, able to form and articulate judgements based on argument and evidence. Accordingly, our graduates are in high demand from a broad range of employers, with career options as varied as the degree itself. Our alumni are invariably known for their ability to think outside the box, communicate effectively, research diligently, and synthesise complex information to reach their goals.


Depending on your choice of courses at Sciences Po, you may be granted advanced standing into the following majors:

  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Politics
  • International Relations
  • Political Economy
  • History
  • Languages

It is not, however, compulsory to complete these majors in your Bachelor of Arts. You may choose your major and minor/second major from any of the disciplines available in the the Bachelor of Arts.

Entry into your chosen disciplines will be assessed before commencing at the University of Sydney, based on your academic transcript.

For further information regarding the Bachelor of Arts, visit the website.

The Sydney Bachelor of Economics

The Bachelor of Economics course is the leading undergraduate economics degree in Australia and has produced outstanding graduates including the current Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

The program will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the overall context of business and government, and the high-level technical skills to analyze economic and social data and events. It will equip you with key capabilities to develop economic and social policy for those who want to work in fields such as financial markets, business, banking, and consulting in both the private and public sectors.

This specialist program will provide you with an excellent grounding in economic theory and business statistics and will allow you to complete a major in economics, agricultural economics, environmental and resource economics, financial economics or the more statistically based econometrics. You can also combine your study with additional majors and electives in any area of arts and social sciences, the University of Sydney Business School, or from one of the many faculties throughout the University.

Central to the strength of economics at the University of Sydney is the large undergraduate honours program and its two key elements: an applied economics focus and expert training in economic theory and econometrics.

Graduates go on from our distinguished honours program to pursue research degrees and take up specialist positions in Treasury, the Reserve Bank of Australia, other policy department roles within federal and state governments, central banks and international agencies, financial markets and financial institutions.

Some of the key features of this degree include:

  • Studying an internationally renowned degree that will give you a strong foundation for understanding and tackling economic issues of domestic and international significance
  • Receiving a versatile and relevant professional qualification, which will provide you with strong credentials for work in challenging fields, such as economic research, consulting and analysis
  • Gaining a solid grounding in quantitative techniques and econometrics, which will equip you with the expertise to create strategic solutions for business and government policy
  • Graduating with strong credentials for many specialist areas, such as: economic and social research; consulting; business; business strategy; international trade; analysis of financial and commodity markets.


Depending on your choice of courses at Sciences Po, you may be granted advanced standing into the following majors:

  • Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • Economics
  • Econometrics
  • Financial Economics

Additional majors, minors and elective units may be chosen in accordance with the degree rules, and depending on the subjects completed in your four semesters at Sciences Po.

For further information regarding the Bachelor of Economics, visit the website.