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The Kerkyasharian and Kayikian Fund

MR and Mrs Kerkyasharian

The Kerkyasharian and Kayikian Fund supports awards, grants and scholarships for honours students, postgraduate students and academic staff at the University of Sydney carrying out research related to Armenian history and culture, from the 19th century and earlier. The inaugural awards were announced in 2016.

The Nicholas Anthony Aroney Fund for Research on Greece

The Nicholas Anthony Aroney Fund for Research on Greece supports financial awards which assist academics and post-graduate research students to undertake scholarly research which provides and promotes learning and education in Greek language, culture or history, whether in Greece or Australia. Read an impact report on recent projects funded by the Estate of Nicholas Anthony Aroney.

Australasian Pioneers' Club International Fellowship for Early Career Researchers

Thanks to a gift received in 2014 from Mr John Crone, Dr Sophie Loy-Wilson has been able to travel to Shanghai to progress her fascinating research by exploring the private archives of Chinese-Australian socialite Daisy Kwok. Read more about what she discovered in this news story and opinion piece.

Further details are available on the Faculty’s research portfolio web pages.

For details of terms, conditions and future funding rounds for the above schemes please contact Ms Ruth Graham, Faculty Research Manager at