Ways of Giving

Ways of Giving

Every gift that we receive makes a positive difference to our work and contributes to the important role that research and education performs within our community - both in Australia and globally. You may wish to consider helping us in one or more of the following ways:

  • Annual Gifts – contribute towards a groundswell of support for our core programs
  • Memorial Gifts – allow you to express your love for a family member, friend or colleague
  • Major Gifts – make a significant impact in a discipline or project that’s special to you
  • Principal Gifts – have a momentous and far-reaching impact on our mission
  • Legacy Gifts – sustain your values and vision, for the benefit of future generations

Options to support the humanities and social sciences include the following, which may be established on a Faculty-wide basis or within a specific academic department or subject.

  • Professorial Chair
  • Lectureship
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Postgraduate Research Scholarship
  • Undergraduate Scholarship

Endowed gifts are an especially effective example of this, as they are “long lived”, delivering benefits year after year, while helpfully providing the Faculty with increased certainty in its planning processes – an increasingly rare commodity in today’s funding environment. Endowments provide farsighted donors with the dual satisfaction of making a positive impact today and of knowing that their contribution is creating a legacy that will last.

The University’s professionally managed Investment and Capital Management program provides for steady annual distributions of income in order to fund ongoing academic positions and annual student scholarships, while preserving the corpus of each fund for tomorrow. All such gift projects can be named in recognition of the donor, their family, or for someone that they wish to remember or honour – for example a parent or an inspiring teacher. Regular progress reports provide a strong sense of enjoyment and achievement now, as well as the assurance that a future tradition of educational enrichment and public benefit is being established.