Careers Centre Professional Skills Workshops

ArtSS Career-Ready runs specialist career advice sessions for FASS students throughout the year. Register with ArtSS Career-Ready to receive more information.

Students can access valuable career skills information via the Careers Centre website, including writing applications, job search strategies, and interview skills.

The Careers Centre also offers students career planning and job search support including individual careers consultations and Resume Rescue sessions, as well as the job vacancies being updated on Sydney CareerHub.

ArtSS Career-Ready/Careers Centre Professional Skills: Workshops Semester 1 2018

  • ArtSS Career-Ready: Resumes & Cover Letters
    Exclusive to Arts & Social Sciences students, this session provides an overview of writing tailored resumes and effective cover letters for ArtSS Career-Ready placement program applications, as well as other internship and graduate roles.
    - Thursday 12 April 1pm - 2pm: Register to attend
    - Wednesday 9 May 1pm - 2pm: Register to attend
  • ArtSS Career-Ready: Interview Skills
    Get a head start preparing for future job interviews, including ArtSS Career-Ready placements! This session is designed to help Arts & Social Sciences students maximise interview performance for a range of roles, including placements, internships and graduate positions.
    - Monday 16 April 1pm - 2pm: Register to attend
    - Monday 14 May 1pm - 2pm: Register to attend
  • ArtSS Career-Ready Pre and Post Placement Debrief Sessions
    Required attendance by students who have accepted a placement. Dates and times to be confirmed.

Other Career Centre Workshops

The Careers Centre also runs career skills workshops for all students on a range of topics including writing applications, interview skills, job search and networking throughout the year. Recommended workshops for Arts and Socials Sciences students include:
What can I do with my Arts and Social Sciences degree?
Want to learn more about the career options available to students with a degree in Arts and Social Sciences? Start planning your career, explore your options and make informed career decisions.
- Wednesday 28 March 1pm - 2pm: Register to attend

  • Department of Defence Presents: Applying for Public Service Graduate Roles - How to Stand out from the Crowd
    Attend this interactive workshop with graduate recruiters and successful graduates to learn more about the APS recruitment process, including graduate program applications and assessment centres.
    - Monday 12 March 4pm - 5.30pm: Register to attend
  • Commonwealth Bank Presents: Digital Interviews
    Have you ever had to record yourself for the purposes of a digital interview? Guest presenters from Commonwealth Bank will give you some tips and hints to make the process a lot less daunting.
    - Thursday 17 May 1pm - 2pm: Register to attend
  • Success at Assessment Centres
    You may be asked to attend an Assessment Centre by an employer after applying for internships, placements and graduate roles. This session will cover the purpose of assessment centres, what to expect at an assessment centre, and common assessment centre activities.
    - Presented by EY: Wednesday 21 March 4pm - 5pm: Register to attend
    - Thursday 19 April 1pm - 2pm: Register to attend
  • Preparing for Psychometric Tests
    Psychometric testing is often used in graduate and intern recruitment. Find out how to prepare and perform at your best.
    - Monday 12 March 1pm - 2pm: Register to attend
    - Friday 4 May 1pm - 2pm: Register to attend
  • LinkedIn, Social Media and Your Job Search
    What does your online presence say about you? Learn how to present yourself in a professional manner, to develop an effective LinkedIn profile and harness social media to aid your job search.
    - Friday 9 March 1pm-2pm: Register to attend
    - Monday 19 March 1pm-2pm: Register to attend
    - Friday 1 June 1pm-2pm: Register to attend
  • Preparing for Work: Make the Right Impression
    Learn how to make that all important first impression when you start a new job, including professional communication and etiquette, employer expectations, and adapting to different professional environments.
    - Monday 16 April 10am - 11am: Register to attend
    - Friday 18 May 1pm - 2pm: Register to attend