Previous Placement Students

The ArtSS Career-Ready program had its first series of placements in Summer 2014-15. Our students go through a competitive application and interview process, and (usually) undertake a Summer or Winter placement.

Here's what successful candidates have to say about their experiences:

'The placement provided me with an authentic experience of what it’s like to work in the financial services industry, with one of Australia’s leading banks. The analytical and critical thinking skills which I have developed throughout my degree have proven to be invaluable in completing the projects and tasks assigned to me during the placement. My contributions were valued by my colleagues and managers, and I was invited to attend training and networking events.

The program has given me genuine access to a future career pathway. After the four-week placement, I was offered the opportunity to continue in my role as an Associate Business Analyst on a part-time basis, while I complete the final semester of my degree. I have been exposed to opportunities not only for professional, but also personal, development, allowing me to make educated decisions about the next steps I will take in my academic and professional career.'
Angelica Leviste
Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences
Westpac Placement

'Over the Winter Break, I was lucky enough to gain a placement at Westpac and work on a complex project. Prior to the job, I had never had any experience in the finance industry, and furthermore, never studied any business or finance related units. Having completed the placement, I've now gained a better understanding of the financial sphere, and have more importantly gained a foothold in the industry - dramatically expanding the scope of jobs I can apply for in the future.

Working as a change associate has enriched my skill set by teaching me important lessons in effective communication and presentation, and the central tenets of efficient project delivery. Additionally, liaising with business analysts, has widened my capabilities and taught me marketable skills relevant in today's world of jobs.'
Noah Vaz
Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications)/Bachelor of Laws (Combined degree)
Westpac Placement

'The placement program has, to date, provided me with the most educational experience in my university career. It has provided exposure to full time corporate work, and has enabled me to recognise the application of all the soft skills I have learnt throughout my degree. This has not only developed my marketable qualities for future employment, but has given me a new perspective on the potential career I could have.

The placement provided the opportunity to experience the workplace, giving me the opportunity to explore the Westpac Group as a company, and provide an insight into the industry, and the people that make it up. It was both a challenging and highly rewarding experience, and I would highly recommend it for anyone seeking industry experience.'
Nicholas Vlatko
Bachelor of Economics
Westpac Placement

'This internship program is a fantastic opportunity to develop practical skills and gain a familiarity with major business processes and commercial culture. It has provided the opportunity to learn from experienced team members and diversify my skills and interests, whilst contributing to real projects in a rewarding and relevant way.

This exposure has also linked my university experience to the requirements of future employment. I benefited greatly from applying the critical thinking and analytical skills that I had developed through my degree in the context of the commercial world.

Exposure to the processes of problem solving in a corporate environment has given me a greater understanding of what employers are looking for in graduates, and how I can build and demonstrate those skills.'
Natalie Baker
Bachelor of Economics
KPMG Placement

'My internship gave me insight into what full time work will be like once I finish my degree. Working with people from different areas of the business gave me invaluable experience about the corporate world. With an internship at a large firm now on my resume, I have that practical work experience employers are looking for.'

My internship gave me on the job training in accounting and auditing, skills I can now take back with me heading into the final year of my degree.'
Hannah Saville
Bachelor of Economics
KPMG Placement

'I was engaged in real world projects and really felt part of the team. This placement really exposed me to the corporate world and will help me get my foot in the door for other opportunities in the future.'
Dale Brook
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts (Combined degree)
Allianz Placement