ArtSS Career-Ready Placements

The ArtSS Career-Ready Placement Program offers continuing students, usually in their penultimate year the opportunity to undertake a paid placement with one of our partner organisations, which includes a competitive application and interview process.

About placements

We believe that Arts and Social Science students are the leaders of the future. With the ability to research, synthesise information, communicate ideas, and manage complexity, our students come to the workforce prepared for critical engagement with the problems of the future and the ability to flourish in an age of uncertainty.

At ArtSS Career-Ready we ensure the best possible placement experience for students and our host organisations. We collaborate with partner organisations to create placement opportunities that unleash the creative and intellectual potential of arts and social sciences students. Our ArtSS Career-Ready team selects a shortlist of the highest calibre applicants, integrating our application calls with our host organisations’ recruitment processes.

We also offer students unique opportunities to attend career-focused events and tailored programs run by the University’s Careers Centre that build their work-ready skills and prepare them for a life beyond university.

How do ArtSS Career-Ready paid placements work?

The placements will usually coincide with the University’s breaks, in Winter and Summer, generally commencing after the official examination period. However the application dates will vary according to each organisation’s Human Resources calendar.

Once you register with ArtSS Career-Ready we will keep you up-to-date with news about all our partner organisations’ placement processes, opening dates and closing dates.

Paid placement options*

  • Summer placements
    Commence the last week November, after the University's official examination period, and ending the week before Semester 1 in late February/early March (approximately 3 months)
  • Winter placements
    Commence the first week of July and end the last week of July
  • Semester placements
    Two days per week during semester and over the University breaks. Placement days will vary to facilitate the student’s enrollment schedule. Duration negotiable between ArtSS Career-Ready and the host organisation.

*Dates may vary slightly from year to year.


You will need to have maintained at least a Credit Average in order to be eligible for placements.

Please note: Because we are working with a number of organisations at ArtSS Career-Ready and are meeting with new potential partners all the time, its important to note that:

  • The turn-around between the application opening and closing dates can be quite short.
  • You will need to make sure you have participated the Careers Centre’s Professional Skills workshops.
  • You are ready to tailor your resume and covering letter for each individual application. It is important to submit a persuasive and tailored cover letter and resume when applying for placements as these assist organisations in ranking applications.
  • Not all organisations run on the same calendar of offers, so you will need to make sure you are sure of the closing date for each application.
  • Corporate deadlines must be strictly adhered to regardless of personal circumstances.

Please ensure you check both your Inbox and Junk Folders for emails from corporate organisations and/or our office during the application process.
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