ArtSS Career-Ready

Career Ready program

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is proud to announce a new program to prepare you for the many career paths available with a degree in humanities and social sciences.

ArtSS Career-Ready is offering tailored programs aimed at developing your skills for the workplace. We also offer paid work placements, exclusive to students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, with some of Australia’s most reputable organisations.

More and more organisations see the value of a graduate from humanities and social sciences subjects in the way they think and the ability to problem solve the most complex tasks.

Programs in ArtSS Career-Ready

Career Planning
Aimed at new students, we run professional development workshops to develop skills in creating a resume, writing a cover letter, presentation skills and guest speaker sessions with organisations throughout the year.

Placement Program
Similar program to Career Planning but more intense and over a shorter period of time, this program will ensure students are ready to apply for the various paid placement programs offered by organisations, exclusive to the faculty. Open to domestic and international students (unless otherwise specified).

Accenture University of Sydney Arts and Social Sciences Winter Placement

BT Investment Management Income & Fixed Interest - Women’s Development Program Placement