ArtSS Career-Ready

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is proud to announce a new program to prepare you for the many career paths available with a degree in humanities and social sciences.

ArtSS Career-Ready is offering tailored programs aimed at developing your skills for the workplace. We also offer paid work placements, exclusive to students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, with some of Australia’s most reputable organisations.

More and more organisations see the value of a graduate from humanities and social sciences subjects in the way they think and the ability to problem solve the most complex tasks.

Upcoming Workshops

Assessment Centres

You may be asked to attend an Assessment Centre by an employer after applying for internships, placements and graduate roles. This session will cover the purpose of assessment centres, what to expect at an assessment centre, and common assessment centre activities.

What can I do with my Arts and Social Sciences degree?

Want to learn more about the career options available to students with a degree in Arts and Social Sciences? Start planning your career, explore your options and make informed career decisions.

ArtSS Career-Ready: Resumes & Cover Letters

Exclusive to Arts & Social Sciences students, this session provides an overview of writing tailored resumes and effective cover letters for ArtSS Career-Ready placement program applications, as well as other internship and graduate roles.

Preparing for Work: Make the Right Impression

Learn how to make that all important first impression when you start a new job, including professional communication and etiquette, employer expectations, and adapting to different professional environments.

ArtSS Career-Ready: Interview Skills

Get a head start preparing for future job interviews, including ArtSS Career-Ready placements! This session is designed to help Arts & Social Sciences students maximise interview performance for a range of roles, including placements, internships and graduate positions.

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